Climate action measures
Prodigy – Chocolate, Only BetterProdigy is committed to and focused on making delicious chocolate that creates lasting change. Innovating products that not only taste unique, but also help heal issues like deforestation, environmental pollution and carbon emissions. Inspired by the classics we are reinventing our chocolate favourites, only better. Better because we only use 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, high-quality single origin cacao and a uniquely low percentage of natural sugar. Because all our products are 100% plant-based they have a low carbon footprint, compared to most mainstream chocolate brands. Since we began our offsetting initiatives, we have offset over 375 tonnes of carbon. But we always want to do more to limit our impact on the environment, so our aim is to be carbon net zero by the end of 2026. Learn more
Sustainable IngredientsOur ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. We work with trusted suppliers who provide high-quality ingredients which do not damage the people producing them, the people eating them, or the planet. The use of palm oil is rife in our industry and beyond. A key cause of mass deforestation across the world, we have never and will never use it. Similarly, the use of industrially produced refined sugar is everywhere. Science now shows us the negative effects this type of sugar has on our bodies. Our chocolate gets its sweetness from a unique combination of coconut sugar and chicory root fibre, which have a lower glycaemic index meaning a slow and steady effect on blood sugar levels. Learn more
Plastic Negative Everything we make is wrapped in plastic free, eco-friendly material that not only protects our delicious chocolate but also the planet. The UK’s first plastic negative chocolate bar, in April 2021 we announced a partnership with rePurpose Global to help counter plastic pollution and clear up after the big players. This means that for every chocolate bar sold we fund the removal of 10 ocean bound plastic wrappers from the environment and for every packet of Phenomenoms biscuits sold we fund the removal of 5 plastic wrappers destined to destroy delicate ecosystems. Learn more
B CorpWe’re incredibly proud to be part of the global B Corp community, measuring our social and environmental impact and being a catalyst for change. Certified B Corporations® are forward thinking companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. This means giving as much consideration to our social and environmental impact as we do to our financial returns – balancing profit and purpose. Our long-term ambition is to have a positive impact on our environment, our community, our employees and the wider world. To be chocolate that inspires positive change. Learn more