Climate action measures
Conscious Business DecisionsAs a business, we are working together to see how we can reduce carbon emissions. Working with vendors to reduce our footprint where we can. We are also creating a partner scheme where we invest in them having their carbon emissions calculated as part of our program. We think encouraging our customers to become more aware is helping businesses to become more accountable.
Evolve IP Business TravelFor our QBR meetings for the EMEA team, we carpool, take the Eurostar where possible and think about how we can most effectively work as a business when meeting in person. We mainly work at home, so commuting is at a minimum. Our Cardiff office has reviewed how the office is used. Making sure we all come in on certain days, so energy is not wasted.
Internal MessagingWorking with HR we are encouraging team members to take on voluntary environmental challenges. We have an internal points system. You collect points and earn vouchers.