Climate action measures
Since our inception in 2016, Apostle Coffee has been fully committed to minimising our environmental impact. This started with getting our hands dirty by planting a native broadleaf tree for each new member on land surrounding the roastery and has since expanded to include our commitments to compostable, plastic free packaging, ethical and sustainably sourced coffee and working with our suppliers and customers to stimulate positive action on climate change. Our invitation only membership ensures that as we grow our environmental pledges and commitments are safeguarded. We’re building a conscientious coffee community and our members are our driving force. Learn more
As an entirely organic roastery we already work with suppliers who are taking action to minimise the environmental harm associated with industrial scale coffee farming. By supporting cooperatives that champion positive and chemical free farming we are helping solidify this movement, we also select coffees that are Rainforest Alliance and Bird Friendly accredited where possible. Learn more
Our entirely compostable product range provides an end of life for our products that avoids long term waste and landfill contributions. We constantly assess our supply chain to make sure our suppliers are as local as possible, working to avoid unnecessary long-distance shipping and the associated emissions. Learn more
We deliver our coffee in compostable materials and send everything out via the Royal Mail network. Royal Mail are actively tackling their emissions per delivery and able to provide data that makes them the UKs lowest emitter per delivery.