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1275 · Climate project + tree planting
  • 1 t CO2 + 1 tree, International + United Kingdom
A certified climate project combined with additional commitment

This combined project contributes to the financing of a certified climate project and additionally supports tree planting in the United Kingdom. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, we plant one tree in the UK. This way, we promote the conversion of structurally poor forests and monocultures into more resilient mixed woodlands that can better adapt to changing climate conditions.

Currently, tree planting in the UK is combined with a certified wind energy project in Chile ( With a total of 57 wind turbines, the project produces electricity from renewable energy sources and contributes to the energy transition in Chile. Combined climate projects to date: forest protection, Lábrea, Brazil (, forest protection, Madre de Dios, Peru ( and forest protection, Mataven, Colombia ( and

Our additional commitment: One tree for every tonne of CO2 reduced

With our combined project, we combine verified emission reductions through a certified climate project with additional commitment. European ecosystems are also affected by climate change: Tree species such as spruce suffer from drought because their shallow roots do not reach deeper, water-rich layers of soil. Thus, they are weakened and particularly susceptible to pests. Storms also take a heavy toll on these shallow-rooted tree species.

Our additional commitment addresses this issue and supports the reforestation and conversion to more resilient mixed forests: We plant trees in cooperation with experienced organisations and enable our customers to participate in the planting campaigns. The certified climate project is registered with international standards.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Clean Water and SanitationForest soils filter rainwater, provide clean groundwater and ensure high drinking water quality.
Responsible Consumption and ProductionWood is one of the few renewable resources.
Climate ActionWoodland creation is helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere while providing benefits in local and global climate.
Life on LandFor many animal, plant and fungal species, the forest is the habitat that provides them with food and shelter. The areas in Lowther Estate are being afforested with trees species such as Hazel, Hawthorn Cherry or Birch.
Project standardVERs + additional commitment TechnologyClimate project + tree plantingRegion1 t CO2 + 1 tree, International + United Kingdom