Project details
1591 · Climate project + nature conservation
  • 1 t CO2 + Financial contribution, International + Switzerland
A certified climate project combined with additional commitment

This combined project contributes to the financing of a certified climate project and additionally supports nature conservation in Switzerland. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, a financial contribution flows to Forstbetriebe Frenkentäler to support nature conservation and biodiversity projects. The measures to make the habitats of numerous animal and plant species more ecologically valuable and better interconnected. Whether open land, forest, or wetlands, the higher the biodiversity, the more adaptable our ecosystems are to climate change.

Currently, nature conservation in Switzerland is combined with a certified solar energy project in India ( feeding renewable energy into the Indian power grid.

Combined climate project to date: wind energy, Ovalle, Chile (

Our additional commitment: a financial contribution for every tonne of CO2 reduced

With our combined project, we combine verified emission reductions through a certified climate project with an additional commitment to regional nature conservation. European ecosystems are also affected by climate change. Our regional nature conservation initiatives are therefore committed to preserving or restoring natural habitats and adapting them to climatic changes.

Possible project activities include the protection and conversion of native forests, the conservation of animal and plant biodiversity, peatland restoration, or the conversion of agricultural land. The certified climate project is registered with international standards.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Clean Water and SanitationForest soils filter rainwater, provide clean ground water, and ensure high drinking water quality.
Climate ActionForests store large amounts of CO2. They have positive effects on the global, regional, and local climate.
Life on LandForests protect from erosion, avalanches, flooding, and high tide. For many animals, plant, and fungal species, the forest is the habitat that provides them with food and shelter. Through measures that better connect animal and plant habitats, we lay a foundation for more biodiversity.
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