Climate action measures
Reducing our climate impactBesides being a vegan company using plant based low emitting ingredients, we constantly work on reducing our emissions, use green energy whenever possible and encourage our employees to walk, bike or take the public transport to work. We voluntarily offset the emissions of our production venue, shops and office, including electricity, mobility, raw materials and end of life treatments, through certified carbon offset projects. Learn more
Vegan DonutsBrammibal's donuts are 100% plant based and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. Whenever possible we use organic ingredients and select our partners carefully eg. our chocolate supplier Original Beans. In our caf├ęs we just use oat milk, no dairy products. And our coffee supplier is building impactful connections and providing honest, sustainable products as we do, focusing on environmental impact and equal opportunity for coffee farmers.
Reducing emissionsWe are constantly working on our production processes and modernizing the company's facilities to keep the consumption of resources as low as possible. We will not only review our recipes to swap out more climate friendly ingredients whenever possible, but also introduce an environmental purchasing policy. We only use green, sustainable electricity and recently switched to electric mobility. So far the company has invested in two electric cars, as well as a charging station at our bakery. The goal is to use a 100% electric vehicle fleet until 2024.
Waste and packagingAny leftover donuts at the end of every day are donated to local non-profit organizations, like homeless shelters, to make sure we reduce our food waste. From 2022 we will implement reusable donut boxes with a Pfandsystem to reduce single use packaging, start using biodegradable coffee cups that are oil-free and want to find options for more climate friendly ink for our packaging.