Clean water for healthy families in Kenya

The project gives many households in rural Kenya easy and cheap access to clean drinking water. In order to kill germs, people had to boil the water and used a lot of firewood. The water filters do not need any electricity or operating materials. Thanks to the project, the amount of firewood required is reduced, leading to significant CO2 savings. Contaminated drinking water poses a significant risk to the health of rural communities in Kenya. According to the World Health Organization, diarrhoeal diseases are the third leading cause of death for children and adults. The project improves people's health by providing clean drinking water and at the same time avoiding smoke from cooking.

3.6 million people in Western Kenya currently have water treatment units and use them regularly. 3,169 water treatment units and 4,175 filters were replaced between November 2012 and January 2014.

How does technology for clean drinking water help fight global warming?Two billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water. Many families have to boil their drinking water over an open fire, resulting in CO2 emissions and deforestation. Where water can be cleaned chemically (e.g. with chlorine) or mechanically (with filters), or where groundwater can be provided from wells, these CO2 emissions can be avoided. Clean drinking water projects in the ClimatePartner portfolio are registered with international standards.
Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Good Health and Well-BeingThe project contributes to reducing child and adult diseases and mortality as well as reduced indoor air pollution.
Climate ActionThe project saves about 2,073,320 tons of CO2 per year.
Life on LandAs the demand for firewood is decreased, the region will witness a lower deforestation rate.
Project standardGold Standard VER (GS VER)TechnologyClean drinking waterRegionWestern Kenya, KenyaEstimated annual emission reductions2,073,328 t CO2Verified byERM Certification and Verification ServicesValidated byDet Norske Veritas Climate Change Services AS (DNV)