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1353 · Clean drinking water
  • Kono, Sierra Leone
Climate action through clean drinking water

Sierra Leone is a largely rural country where households typically use wood fuel on inefficient three-stone fires to purify their drinking, cleaning, and washing water. This process results in the release of greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of wood – however, these emissions can be avoided by using efficient borehole technology that does not require fuel to supply clean water.

Our project is helping communities in the Kono region to restore 57 wells. In cooperation with the local population, damaged wells are repaired and regularly maintained, which secures the regional water supply. The availability of clean drinking water eliminates the need to boil water, saving CO2 emissions.

Thus, it not only contributes to climate action but also impacts gender equality. Girls and women are particularly affected by poor water conditions due to the responsibility of household water supply. Providing clean water through boreholes reduces their time spent collecting water and firewood, which can now be used for education or additional income.

How does technology for clean drinking water help fight global warming?Two billion people in the world have no access to clean drinking water. Many families have to boil their drinking water over an open fire, resulting in CO2 emissions and deforestation. Where water can be cleaned chemically (e.g. with chlorine) or mechanically (with filters), or where groundwater can be provided from wells, these CO2 emissions can be avoided. Clean drinking water projects in the ClimatePartner portfolio are registered with international standards.
Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Good Health and Well-BeingBy providing safe water from boreholes, the project removes the need to boil water for purification, therefore, decreasing the amount of air pollution. It also reduces diseases caused by drinking unsafe water.
Gender EqualityReducing the time collecting water and gathering firewood enables women to focus on work and education opportunities.
Clean Water and SanitationThe project provides more than 3,000 additional people with access to safe water.
Climate ActionThe project consists of several sub-projects, all of which contribute to no longer having to boil water and thus demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions.
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