1276 · Climate project + tree planting (WCC)
  • 1 t CO2 (VER) + 1 t CO2 (PIU), International + United Kingdom
A certified climate project combined with additional commitment

This combined project contributes to the financing of a certified climate project and additionally supports tree planting in the UK. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, another tonne of CO2 is reduced through woodland creation in the UK. The woodland creation is accredited by the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) and supports afforestation and the conversion of forests into more resilient mixed woodlands.

Currently, the project in the UK is combined with a certified wind energy project in Chile (climatepartner.com/1272). With a total of 57 wind turbines, the project produces electricity from renewable energy sources and contributes to the energy transition in Chile. Combined climate projects to date: forest protection, Lábrea, Brazil (climatepartner.com/1475), forest protection, Madre de Dios, Peru (climatepartner.com/1057) and forest protection, Mataven, Colombia (climatepartner.com/1402 and climatepartner.com/1288).

Our additional commitment: CO2 sequestration through woodland creation

With our combined project, we combine verified emission reductions through a certified climate project with additional commitment. European ecosystems are also affected by climate change and forests play an important role: They are not only among the planet's most important carbon sinks but also are home to an enormous diversity of species and are the livelihood for all people. That is why we support afforestation and the conversion of forests into more resilient mixed woodlands that can better adapt to changing climate conditions.

We carry out tree plantings in cooperation with organisations that draw on years of in-depth expertise. In the UK, we collaborate with the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC), the national quality assurance standard for woodland creation. Their goal is to establish long-term carbon sinks that serve as a home for wildlife. The certified climate project is registered with international standards.

Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Clean Water and SanitationForest soils filter rainwater, provide clean groundwater and ensure high drinking water quality.
Responsible Consumption and ProductionWood is one of the few renewable resources.
Climate ActionForests store large amounts of CO2. They have positive effects on the global, regional, and local climate.
Life on LandWoodland Carbon Code Projects are aimed at restoring and/or foresting rough pasture into habitat that benefits local wildlife and society, increasing the habitats' connectivity in the regions and ensuring its biodiversity.
Project standardVERs + Woodland Carbon Code TechnologyClimate project + tree planting (WCC)Region1 t CO2 (VER) + 1 t CO2 (PIU), International + United KingdomAdditional commitment implemented byForest Carbon